Cate To Make Broadway Debut

Okay, it’s in an adaptation of Chekhov‘s “Platonov,” which may not thrill the unwashed masses from the hinterlands. But Cate Blanchett has always followed a classics focus — Ibsen, Chekhov, Williams, Genet — in her stage career. And not everybody wants to do “Misery.” At this point, Blanchett has surpassed the career of Meryl Streep. Why? Because not only does Cate have a top-notch movie career, but — unlike Meryl in her 40s — she also is a queen of the red carpet AND has that stage career. Meryl Streep said she gave up theatre for decades to raise her four kids. Her choice, and that’s fine. But Cate also has four kids and she still does everything she does. All I can say is: she must never sleep.

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