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“Dirt In Your Ears” Country Music

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Bowie Auditioned For “Lord Of The Rings”?

It’s long been rumored that David Bowie wanted a part in “Lord of the Rings”; director … Read more »

Cate To Make Broadway Debut

Okay, it’s in an adaptation of Chekhov‘s “Platonov,” which may not thrill the unwashed masses from … Read more »

Julie London: June In January

Rome Covers Up Nude Statues

Offense, annoyance, and accusations of “cultural submission” rippled across Italy after naked Roman statues were covered … Read more »

Zombies “Pride & Prejudice”: Brain Dead

THR pronounces this movie, starring Lily (Lady Rose) James from “Downton,” to be “brain dead.” I’m … Read more »

Obama Weighs In On Oscars

Just when I thought the Oscars had become irrelevant, the President weighs in. Speaking to a … Read more »