Charlie Puth: “Nine Track Mind”

Pitchfork says: ‘There are 12 tracks on Charlie Puth’s debut album “Nine Track Mind,” which is either three or 12 too many. But no matter; the album is a smoothly executed pitch deck of exactly what will perform on pop radio in 2016, and Puth—pronounced “Pooth,” and the slice through his right eyebrow is from a childhood canine attack, if you’re wondering—will do just fine. The 24-year-old Berklee College of Music graduate and former YouTube star of the acoustic-cover variety has already had three top 40 singles, all since last February: first, the demonic Meghan Trainor duet “Marvin Gaye,” then, the Paul Walker Memorial Beanie Baby track “See You Again” (featuring Wiz Khalifa), then “One Call Away,” an ocean of syrup that sounds exactly like “See You Again,” and is the first song on the LP.’

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