Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Race” gives us the inspiring story of Jesse Owens and his triumphs at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. “The Witch” gives us witches. Television: On Sunday, “Girls” premieres a new season. That night, you can catch up to “Vinyl” on the same network. The best series’ return this month is “Better Call Saul.” Music: Albums by Alabama Shakes and Kendrick Lamar got big Grammys bounces. Myself, I’m still stuck on Adele. Books: Alexander Chee’s novel “The Queen of the Night” luxuriates in the worlds of opera and 19th-century Paris. More Harry Potter? Crikey! Sports: February’s not even over and I’m thinking about baseball. Let’s go Mets! Finally: It’s been asked before, but: why do black people get the shortest month to celebrate their History?

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