Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: In “Gods of Egypt,” most of the Egyptians are European or American. “The Last Man on the Moon” is a fascinating documentary about astronaut Jim Lovell. Television: On Friday, American Masters airs a program about Fats Domino. Sunday brings the Oscars: like a lot of people, I’ll probably tune out after Chris Rock’s opening monologue — and tune in again at the end. Music: Bonnie Raitt graces us with a new album: “Dig In Deep.” Listen to Raitt’s recent NPR interview here. Books: Patrick McGilligan’s 2010 biography “Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light” uncovers new material about the master director. Sports: The Knicks fired their coach — and are now losing even more games. The only New York team that inspires hope is the Mets, who are in spring training in Florida. Finally: Call me superficial, but one of the main reasons I’m against Trump is that I don’t want to look at his unattractive mug nonstop for the next four years.

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