Here’s The World’s First Jewish Tartan

I love it! According to HuffPost: ‘In case you missed it: The world’s first official “Jewish tartan” is really a thing. Yes, it’s kosher and yes, you can buy it online in many forms, including as a prayer shawl, a skull cap and — of course — a kilt. Created by Mendel Jacobs and officially registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority, the tartan boasts a distinctive pattern of blue, white, red and gold. “I chose blue and white as the colors of both the Israeli and Scottish flags,” Jacobs, who is said to be Scotland’s only local-born rabbi. “The central gold line represents the gold from the Ark in the Biblical Tabernacle and the many ceremonial vessels. The silver is to represent the silver that adorns the Scroll of the Law and the color red is for the traditional red Kiddush wine.”’

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