Lesbians Dying All Over TV

[This article contains “Empire” spoilers.] Variety reports: ‘TV deaths are always a sore subject for fans, but lately, a slew of characters being killed off have struck an especially emotional chord — because the grim reaper has visited many fan-favorite characters who happen to be lesbians. “The 100” faced much backlash from passionate viewers of the CW show who were enraged when a key character was killed off, just after she consummated her relationship with her female lover. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” also killed off a lesbian, as did Syfy’s “The Magicians,” “The Expanse,” CBS medical drama “Code Black” and CW’s “Jane the Virgin.” Tonight, Fox’s “Empire” killed off a lesbian couple, played by Naomi Campbell (pictured) and Marisa Tomei.’

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