“Florence Foster Jenkins”: Reviews

It doesn’t open in the U.S. till August (in the UK next month) but “Florence Foster Jenkins” has been seen and reviewed. THR says: ‘Based on the true story of a notoriously talentless singer in early 20th century Manhattan, “Florence Foster Jenkins” is a warm-hearted celebration of single-minded amateurism over slick professionalism, and romantic fantasy over disappointing reality.’ Variety chimes in: ‘Meryl Streep sings — sort of — for her supper in Stephen Frears’ marshmallowy biopic of the famously inept soprano.’ All reviews say that Cosmé McMoon, Jenkins’s gay accompanist, steals the show. (But of course.) Stephen Frears, who directed, also did “The Queen” and “Philomena,” which means that all LemonWade readers will be lining up for Frears’s latest tale of a Strong Woman.

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