“Night Manager”: Gripping, Not First-Rate

I’ve watched this entire TV series, which begins tonight on AMC, thanks to my friend Peter Mahler. I found it very watchable, enjoyed being whisked around the world to stunning locations. But I have to agree with THR’s remark: ‘If we can believe recent reports that Daniel Craig has hung up James Bond’s tuxedo for good, the timing could hardy be better for Tom Hiddleston‘s glossy new TV miniseries, which plays like a six-hour audition tape for the globe-trotting spy franchise.’ Hiddleston is handsome and professional, but his costar Hugh Laurie, as the evil Mr. Roper, provides most of the good fun. Olivia Colman, as an embattled associate of Britain’s spy agency, is also terrific. But this isn’t top-drawer as adaptations of John Le Carre novels go. The book came out in 1993 but has been updated to reflect our more digital world.

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