TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Game of Thrones (pictured): HE’S ALIVE! Jon Snow is back, it’s true. We can all say it now for certain. For nearly a year everybody asked: “Is Jon Snow dead?” And he was, very much so, he just didn’t stay dead. Grade: A-. The Good Wife: Peter’s trial begins — and ends. This series is ending with talk about bullets, but not ending with a bang. Grade: B-. Penny Dreadful: Patti LuPone’s show is back! She’s not the star, but I still like having her in a new show not an old musical. This episode was called “The Day Tennyson Died.” Not bad. Grade: B. Fear the Walking Dead: A familiar voice comes to invade the Abigail while Strand’s history is unveiled. Grade: C.

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