Who Will Sing With Streisand?

Barbra has announced an August tour (only Brooklyn, her hometown, gets two dates), and a new album. The album will be called “Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway.” This will be her third Broadway-focused album, following 1985’s “The Broadway Album” and 1994’s “Back to Broadway.” Streisand will be singing duets with, she says, “Hollywood’s biggest stars.” Who would be your wish list? Mine: Meryl Streep (don’t forget: she studied opera before she studied drama), Denzel Washington (his musical wife can coach him), Johnny Depp (reprising his Sweeney Todd?), Hugh Jackman (of course), Jennifer Lawrence (somebody’s got to be under 40!), Brad and Angie (although that would be a trio), I’m sure Kevin Spacey will want to be part of this (though please God not doing his Bobby Darin-ish “Mack the Knife”).

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