Tony Awards: High Points, Low Points

Orlando overshadowed Tony for many of us, but it was not James Corden, the Broadway awards’ host, who sounded the accurate note. He opened the broadcast with a dutiful genuflection to the tragedy. Frank Langella, who won best actor/play for “The Father,” was more moving in his tribute. It was simple, heartfelt, necessary. As was Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s “Love love love” sonnet. As for the awards themselves, I called almost all of them accurately. I knew that “Hamilton,” with 16 nominations, would not match the record set by “The Producers.” (Twelve.) “Hamilton won eleven. I was slightly surprised that “A View from the Bridge” won Best Revival/Play over “A Long Day’s Journey into Night.” Otherwise, the results were completely predictable. As for what played well on television, I thought the numbers from “On Your Feet!” and “The Color Purple” were rousing and would make me pay full price. Oddly, “Hamilton”‘s medley was not the kind of tuneful that would make the selection sell tickets if they were not already so scarce — I enjoyed what that cast sang over the closing credits much more. The broadcast was too long but it always is so who cares.

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