How To Make Mozzarella

A Huff Post writer says: ‘I recently spent some time with Chef Giulio Adriani from Forcella at his Park Avenue South location, where I watched him make mozzarella from scratch. I then proceeded to pester him for about two hours to teach me how to make it.

Then we made pizza. But I’ll save that recipe for another post.

Trust me: it’s hard to make mozzarella. If you are a very ambitious amateur cook, proceed to read. Otherwise, just go to your local cheese shop and buy it.

Chef Giulio gave me a little slice of wisdom, “Making mozzarella is very similar to making pizza dough. There is not an exact way to determine when the product will be ready, but only the touch of the cheese maker will recognize the right moment to interrupt the stretching part.”

Obviously, this makes the perfect mozzarella pretty much akin to the holy grail. Giulio learned how to make mozzarella in Aversa, Italy, using buffalo milk. He says in America we mostly eat cow milk mozzarella, so the flavor is different, but the process is the same.’

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