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Columbus Statue Finds A Home

On Tuesday in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Zurab Tsereteli’s huge sculpture of Christopher Columbus was inaugurated. Says … Read more »

Orlando: LGBT “Star Wars” Tribute

A fan petition has been set up to ask “Star Wars” producers Lucasfilm to create the … Read more »

China Bans Lady Gaga

And it will probably be good for sales. (Controversy is part of Gaga’s brand.) China’s Communist … Read more »

Obama Tries To Name “Thrones” Deaths

The things a President has to do to stay current! He might be the ultimate “Game … Read more »

Museum’s Re-opening: Disappointing

Jason Farago writes: ‘The International Center of Photography in New York…now reopens in a new home … Read more »

Sex And The Single Girl’s Girl

Lorrie Moore begins her essay on Helen Gurley Brown (pictured) thusly: ‘Somewhere back in the day … Read more »

Lovely Shakespeare Theatre Opens In France

In the grounds of a castle in France, the architect Andrew Todd has done something wonderful. … Read more »