My First Semi-Prediction For Oscars 2017

After last year’s #oscarssowhite debacle, the Academy will be looking to restore its image. They’ve already made a move: adding a battalion of new, diverse members. But the proof will be in the next batch of nominees, and, even more, in the winners. Even though “Birth of a Nation” has been getting the lion’s share of attention in terms of African-American subject matter, and will certainly score Oscar noms, the movie that is more likely to nab a major Oscar is “Fences.” As long as it’s at least pretty good, this Denzel-directed version of August Wilson’s magnificent play will set up Viola Davis (pictured) for a Best Actress win. She’s already won a Tony for the part, she’s been Oscar-nommed twice before, and she’ll give an emotional speech. It will be very hard to beat her.

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