Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I do not recommend “Ghostbusters.” I recommend “Cafe Society” for its swoony visuals. Television: “The Night Of” had a promising premiere — time for you to catch up. I know it’s the summer doldrums when I’m watching reruns of “Inspector Lewis.” Music: Sufjan Stevens has a new release called “Carrie & Lowell.” “The Most Relaxing Classical Music” will put you right to sleep. Books: “Lewis and Clark” reminds me of my childhood along one of the rivers they traversed: the Missouri. I’m re-reading Paul Scott’s masterpiece, “The Raj Quartet.” Sports: Have you started your Olympic countdown yet? I appreciate that — unlike Christmas and the Presidential election — the games aren’t overhyped. Finally: Every time I try to watch a Ted Talk, I start arguing with the computer.

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