Meet Udne, America’s First Supermodel

udne6df45528ab4d126c770b44776969b78b_1df6cc7b860421ba061ab9faf8abfd1a1599x2000_quality99_o_1amgdahpr1ca71dvm1hn61kut1t0r9rpicabiaresize250x250_c591a9ecb17036d7ce7168efbead91f1_9425d84e65ca6124d17fbf865427c2e71798x1800_quality99_o_1amgd2ja91ii71jfh1od1u2410qa95Who was Udnie? The question plagued scholars of Francis Picabia for years as they searched for the mysterious subject of his 1913 painting “Udnie (Jeune fille américaine; Danse),” the centerpiece of a survey of the artist’s work at the Kunsthaus Zürich (the show heads to the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in November but the catalogue is already published). Thanks to James Bone’s new book, “The Curse of Beauty,” the riddle may at last have been solved.

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