Auctioning The Four Seasons

fourarticle00Artforum reports: ‘Another New York icon bites the dust — or in this case is auctioned-off—as Gotham is made over for the convenience of global capital, entitled frat-type party people, and conspicuous consumers eager for the next buzzy “spot.” I am used to mourning the chic midcentury NY of my fantasies. This one is especially tragic, as even this yard sale is beyond my price-point.

‘I attended the press preview last week for the auction, by Wright, of everything in The Four Seasons Restaurant not landmarked, down to the pots and pans in the kitchen. The art is long gone: Le Tricorne, the Picasso stage curtain heralding one’s passage between the Grill and the Pool Room, is now in the NY Historical Society. The Pollocks and Miros, also gone. Of course, the place itself is a work of art. (Check out the merch online at’

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