Famous Authors Write Art Labels

museum9d850eeb7a5a4e68be9acdfb9d12d48e_c2b19f9616789ebe365499185f1e991a1024x576_quality99_o_1ap8kfjigoe21l0k6g1n4g48qaThe Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan is relabelling its collection of Italian art with a little help from famous authors. The gallery’s director, James Bradburne, says that writers, including Ali Smith, Orhan Pamuk and Sarah Dunant, have agreed to write labels for works of their choosing. (Umberto Eco, who died in February, did not have time to complete his contribution.) Between 60 and 75 new texts are due to be installed over the next two years. Re-presenting the permanent collection in this way is “far easier, more flexible and cost-effective” than temporary exhibitions, Bradburne says.

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