Dame Edna’s Alter Ego Performs

barry-large_trans++pQ0vMMZu_p35I0xEFXLC8dZx6Shr3p-zg_Qa61tfo1MThere’s not a gladiolus thrown, not a “Hello, possums!” shrieked in gravelly falsetto. Fans of Barry Humphries’s most famous creation, be warned: Dame Edna Everage does not slip in through the back door, as it were, to steal the limelight in his Weimar Cabaret. With Humphries as Emcee, his fellow Aussie Meow Meow the star chanteuse and the Australian Chamber Orchestra playing the music, this remarkable concert showcases the diverse, experimental and sometimes downright debauched legacy that a whole nightclub’s worth of Weimar Republic composers left for posterity. Humphries has a personal connection: his wife is the daughter of Stephen Spender, one of the bright young things who hung out in Berlin during the period.

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