The Great American Cubist

davis-report-from-rockportRobert Storr writes: ‘For those who, like me, are longstanding and unwavering fans of Stuart Davis’s work, the current show at the Whitney, “Stuart Davis: In Full Swing”—put together by Barbara Haskell, that institution’s resident expert in prewar modernism—is a welcome occasion to re-experience his bracing achievement. On that basis alone it is even more appreciated in this white-knuckle summer of our country’s discontent. For those previously unfamiliar with the blazing color and syncopated rhythms of works such as “Report from Rockport” (pictured) (1940) and Rapt at Rappaport’s

(1951-1952)—and much of the mission of museums consists of introducing rising generations to the “old new”—the exhibition is, in the main, a carefully conceived and expertly realized introduction Davis’s electrifying contribution.’

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