New Website Offers “Affordable” Art

art4b550dfbc5a1a2e523a68c2a0de2dd12_e51aebfbd58b0050ea722eeda3ad94b92000x1503_quality99_o_1aqeq9q3hb566hk16dk1hno1vldaHigh-profile art professionals, including Jean-Hubert Martin—the former director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne at the Centre Pompidou—have thrown their weight behind a new website offering works for sale priced under $10,000. The new company, Collectionair, focuses mainly on established and emerging artists from “under-represented art scenes”, enabling buyers to browse more than 20 virtual exhibitions featuring artists from countries such as Iran, Oman and Mozambique. Collectionair was co-founded by Olivier Varenne (pictured), the international curator at the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania, and the entrepreneur Valerie Konde who worked for the company Rocket Internet and Google.

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