Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

WeekendMovies: “Hands of Stone” is about a Panamanian fighter. “Greater” reminds us that college-football season is about to begin. Television: Sunday brings “How Sherlock Changed The World” as well as the finale of “The Night Of.” Music: Britney Spears gets all potty-mouthed on “Glory.” Daniela Dessi, who died this week, sings Verdi here. Books: Wild horses couldn’t drag me to Amy Schumer’s new book, but if you like this sort of thing then this is the sort of thing you’ll like. Sports: Some of LemonWade’s artsier readers will be glad to learn that I have nothing to say this week in this category. Finally: I’m hearing, many people are saying, I’m hearing, many people are saying: Make it stop! Please!

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