Shakespeare’s Portrait Getting Cleaned?

shakes7997ec29989dacaa638a455c2dcd3b8a_6469a9c6c01146d758eeadcce29c1c1a1569x2000_quality99_o_1ardd4uup1pka1da7ihq153cfejcThe National Portrait Gallery in London is considering cleaning one of its most famous pictures, the Chandos portrait of William Shakespeare. The proposal was made at a seminar with outside specialists; the gallery’s trustees will decide next year whether to proceed with treatment. Although all portraits of Shakespeare are controversial, the Chandos picture (around 1600-10) is the one that is most likely to depict the dramatist from life. It is said to have been painted by a John Taylor, supposedly a friend of the Bard, and was first owned by William Davenant, the poet laureate. Unfortunately, the identity of Taylor remains unclear.

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