The Women Of Abstract Expressionism

Of the exhibition “”Women of Abstract Expressionism,” on display at the Denver Art Museum until September 25th, Joan Marter writes: ‘Although art critics and historians have been writing about Abstract Expressionism for more than 60 years, most of the women involved continue to be marginalized. Many writers have refusedDeKooning_Bullfight_1080 to acknowledge that these women artists of the 1940s and 1950s could be innovators, and certain curators and critics have simply ignored them while continuing to focus attention on male members of the group. In recent decades, a younger generation of scholars—many of them women—has attempted to integrate these women artists into the burgeoning literature on Abstract Expressionism. Works created by these women affirm their participation in what was then a radical new aesthetic, though they have been largely absent from art historical discourse until recently.’

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