“Simpsons” To Resurrect Frank Grimes

simpsonsthe-simpsons-ew-08451300_612x380He taught us that a man can triumph over adversity, but also that you should always wear safety gloves when handling high-voltage cables while impersonating a coworker. He was not long for this world of Springfield — he was introduced and killed in season 8’s classic if polarizing “Homer’s Enemy” — but Frank Grimes will be returning to “The Simpsons” to kick off the show’s 600th episode. Grimey, as he liked to be called, suffered no fools (namely, Homer), and served as the voice

of reason/audience, and his seething incredulity at and obsession with the incompetence of his fellow Nuclear Power Plant employee ultimately cost him his life. He hasn’t forgotten that fatal fact, and the fan-favorite character will issue his first lines of dialogue in almost 20 years at the beginning of the annual Halloween episode, “Treehouse of Horror,” which doubles as episode No. 600.

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