Rauschenberg’s Endorsement Of Hillary

rauschenberg5dd1980607212d6d3327aedfba18a54e_3db9f60d6f75f4feed503ca9c139d987575x773_quality99_o_1asfa5err1n1b1dgu12kf1f9i1lmfaThe Hillary Rodham Clinton Campaign coffers were given a boost by none other than Robert Rauschenberg back in 2000. The US artist designed a limited edition print to support her historic, and successful, attempt to be the first First Lady to win a seat in the Senate. Rauschenberg drew on his vast archive of photographs to create a signature design featuring a running donkey clearly going places, a line of elephants’ backsides and a broom, handy to clear up any dung, presumably. The collage is completed by the star spangled banner hanging above a one-way-street sign in New York (the state Clinton was campaigning to represent). “No point being subtle,” Rauschenberg told the New York Times at the time about the references to the traditional symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties.

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