It’s Dangerous To Be An Actor

domingosfcb23e2424659ca762f0085716f4c3b0Brazilian soap opera star Domingos Montagner (pictured) will be buried in his native city of Sao Paulo on Saturday following his tragic death. He drowned in a river where the crew had been recording scenes for the country’s most popular soap opera. Montagner played the leading role in “Velho Chico,” a soap opera named after the Sao Francisco river where he died. The 54-year-old had gone for a swim with an actress after a day of shooting in the north-eastern state of Sergipe. She said he had been dragged away by the river’s strong currents. The actress, Camila Pitanga, cried for help but local people failed to act initially as they believed the drowning was a scene in the soap opera.

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