New Guettel Musical Is Finished: Hooray!

guetteldownloadAdam Guettel (pictured), two-time Tony Award-winning composer-lyricist-orchestrator of “The Light in the Piazza” and other musicals, has completed work on his new musical “Millions” and is preparing for a private industry reading sometime this winter at a venue to be announced. He said he hopes to see a first full production in summer or early fall 2017, although not in New York until after that. “Millions” is based on director Danny Boyle’s 2004 British film comedy of the same title, about

a religious 70-year-old who finds a huge bag of English pounds and must figure out what to do with it in the few days left before his country switches to the Euro and it all becomes worthless. The setting has been changed from Lancashire, UK, to Albuquerque, NM. Now that the first draft of the musical score is complete, Guettel told, “I love this piece and don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it.”

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