Stuart Davis Made Cubism American

Stuart Davis: Landscape with Garage Lights, 32 x 42 inches, 1931–1932Sanford Schwarz writes: ‘If there is a message in the Whitney’s large gathering of the work of Stuart Davis, it may be simply that time hasn’t dented the power of the painter’s work. While some of the pictures breathe merely a period air, a great many continue to give pleasure, and, as an added attraction—as the artist with his love for everyday turns of phrase might have said—it isn’t easy to say why. In his day, Davis—who died in 1964, at seventy-one—was a Cubist of sorts whose special contribution was to give the style an American look.’ The exhibition moves to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. on November 20th. Pictured is “Landscape with Garage Lights,” 1931–1932.

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