The Turnip Prize Is No Longer Local

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat started as a tongue-in-cheek award for locals has expanded into a global competition, with dozens of artists from around the world now vying each year for the turnip-impaled trophy on a rusty 6-inch nail. A new book chronicles the history of the spoof Turnip Prize, which is awarded annually for the world’s intentionally worst work of modern art. The parody of the better-known Turner Prize encourages entrants to “take the least amount of effort possible” in creating their pieces, which are then judged on how crappy they are. Trevor Prideaux launched the competition in Wedmore, southwest England, in 1999 as a humorous response to what

he believed was the Turner Prize’s “decline in integrity.” “It was in protest to Tracey Emin entering her unmade bed into the Turner Prize,” he told The Huffington Post this week. “A few locals in the pub agreed we in Somerset could come up with equally shit art to challenge it.”

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