With Friends Like These

eminem49231576-cachedDo you remember the first time you thought Donald Trump’s presidential campaign had hit rock bottom? By now, we’ve learned that there’s no depth that Donald Trump and his team won’t sink to. And this week marks a new low. Because when Eminem thinks that your presidential campaign is in poor taste, you know that you’ve reached a historically unprecedented political nadir. That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday, when the all-but-retired rapper announced an upcoming album on his social media. The resurgence of the reclusive, real Slim Shady was accompanied by a link to the rapper’s newest song, “Campaign Speech.” (Listen here.) As far as one can tell, “Campaign Speech” is a diss track against

the misogynistic, homophobic Trump, as well as the haters who malign Eminem for being a misogynistic homophobe. If you needed another reason to give up on 2016, it appears that we have officially entered the year of white rappers putting out sincere, extended political statements (#WhitePrivilege).

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