Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

weekendMovies: “Inferno,” starring Tom Hanks, is getting lousy reviews, but I still wanna see it. “Gimme Danger” is Jim Jarmusch’s documentary about Iggy and the Stooges. TV/Streaming: Friday gives us Bill Murray receiving the Mark Twain Prize. I’m not into “Designated Survivor,” but many people are, and you can catch up with it here. Music: It’s not even Halloween yet Christmas albums are topping the charts: help! Books: Paul Beatty’s novel “The Sellout” deserved its Booker Prize. I wish someone would give me the final volume of Blanche Wiesen Cook’s Eleanor Roosevelt biography for my birthday. Sports: I hoping the next 10 days are good to Chicago: the Cubs in the World Series and the election of the city’s native Hillary Clinton. Finally: Like St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve, Halloween is a holiday for amateurs. But if you do celebrate do so responsibly.

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