TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

walkinghnr74znx5r82qponyzog7dz2gfewr4yfThe Walking Dead (pictured): I’m continually surprised how much I like this zombiefest. This week, we entered the Sanctuary — Negan’s home, Daryl’s prison, and Dwight’s personal hell. Grade: A-. Westworld: And I’m continually surprised how much I don’t really like this program, but keep watching anyway. Maeve is deeply bored with her Old Time theme park life and wants to return to Westworld’s sleek sci-fi backstage area to gather more clues about the nature of her existence. Grade: B. Indian Summers: This episode had some suspense: Alice and Aafrin decide to flee Simla with Cynthia’s help, but Charlie comes close to unveiling the truth. The ending relied, as this series often does, on implausible plot points. Grade: C+.

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