What’s New: Sexy Rock, A Kennedy Book

The Rock is named “People’s Sexiest Man Alive.” What? Not Trump? Rigged selection! Donnie will certainly be the Person of the Year of People’s sister sycophantic magazine Time…Another Time-related rag, Entertainment Weekly, has a “Crown“-related story about the leading kings and queens in TV history, but it’s only royal queens, not the other, more entertaining kind. It must be said that Claire Foy‘s accent as Her Majesty in “The Crown” is impeccable — only 50 more episodes to go!…Musician Frank Ocean just gave a rare and fascinating interview to the New York Times…And Jean Kennedy Smith, the sole surviving child of Joe “Hitler-loving” Kennedy and Rose “Rosary” Kennedy, has written a memoir about her family. She’s a smart cookie to have waited so long: none of her siblings is still around to dispute her account.

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