What’s New: Ellen, “Dancing,” Casey

President Obama gave out the Presidential Medal of Freedom to lots of celebs yesterday but was most touched by the one he awarded to Ellen DeGeneres. He said her coming-out was incredibly brave, and hinted that she was “the pioneer” in this area. Really? What about Martina Navratilova, who came out 16 years before Ellen? And many others?…Laurie Hernandez won “Dancing with the Stars” last night. I had to Google her. (I don’t watch women’s gymnastics.)…The trailer for Scorsese’s upcoming 17th-century-Japan epic, “Silence,” looks magical…Madonna’s son Rocco was arrested in London for possession of cannabis…Casey Affleck gives a terrific performance in “Manchester by the Sea” and seems headed for an Oscar for Best Actor. (Denzel is his main competition.) But stories are re-surfacing about the sexual harassment suits filed against Affleck by two women. Will the lawsuits upend Casey’s chances?

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