What’s New: Omar, Florence, Castro

The Walking Dead” teased an upcoming episode by having Michonne whistle “Farmer in the Dell,” an homage to what that superlative anti-hero Omar Little used to whistle on “The Wire.”…Warren Beatty’s “Rules Don’t Apply” bombed at the box office, but I can assure that it’s a very enjoyable, screw-ballish dramedy. In a world that prized an old-fashioned, well-made movie, the picture would have a bigger audience. Maybe it will on cable…Speaking of old-fashioned, the outpouring of love for Florence Henderson reminds us that audiences are nostalgic for a more wholesome time. The fact that in real life Henderson was a bawdy gal who fiercely supported the LGBT community makes her even more attractive…What do you bet that Oliver Stone is writing his “Castro” feature as we speak?

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