TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

westworld1Westworld (pictured)“: The 90-minute finale of HBO’s tentpole was full of major revelations, big reversals, and tragic (and not-so-tragic) deaths as the host uprising got underway in a series of dramatic moves that ended the story of at least one major character while also setting the stage for season 2. Grade: C+. “The Walking Dead“: This one is 90 minutes in length. It focuses primarily on Carl and Negan, but also sprinkles in bits of Rosita’s bullet-making mission, Spencer laying the same old character groundwork he’s been developing during his past few appearances, Michonne’s change of heart, and Rick and Aaron’s search for more offerings for Negan. Grade: B. “The Royals”: We picked up just two weeks from the season 2 finale, which concluded with Liam revealing Royal Head of Security Ted Pryce as King Simon’s killer, which subsequently led an angry mob of Brits to kill Pryce. Grade: B+.

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