Golden Globe Noms: Analysis

goldenbanner-globes-1212They were announced this morning, but don’t ask me about those involving television: all I know is that the “O.J.” thingee will clean up at the event on January 8th, just as it has throughout the awards season. As for the movie noms, “La La Land” predictably led the field, with “Moonlight” and “Manchester by the Sea” also represented in all the major categories. There weren’t many surprises, although I did raise an eyebrow over the supporting actor choices. (Simon Helberg? Aaron Taylor-Johnson?) The awards won’t help us sort out the tight Oscar race between Emma Stone (“La La Land”) and Natalie Portman (“Jackie) because they are in different categories. Oh, and I forgot: John Lithgow was nommed for his Churchill turn in “The Crown.” Bully, bully!

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