Will Smith, Helen Mirren On Bathrooms

Fans who spot Will Smith, Helen Mirren, or Martin Freeman near a public bathroom would be wise to avoid saying hello. On this week’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, all three stars appeared as guests and discussed why fan interactions near restrooms are just so uncomfortable. “When you get recognized in a queue for the toilet … that is not an easy place to be recognized. You’re stuck,” Mirren said, explaining how often women’s

restrooms have slow-moving lines that make the situation especially interminable. She added the actual act of using the toilet adds to the discomfort: “Knowing everybody is going to be listening is mortifying,” Mirren said. For Smith and Freeman, the bathroom encounters at the urinal are just as bad. “That happened to me. I was at a gig years ago. I was at the urinal,” Freeman said. “There were two guys and they both clocked me and looked at each other and went, ‘Has he got a big one?’”

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