Weirdest Edible Movie Tie-Ins

The Harry Potter books and movies were always a little food and drink obsessed. Trawl through the kitschier corners of the web and you’ll find recipes for alcoholic butterbeer, polyjuice potion jelly shots and even a biscuit based on Ron Weasley’s jumper. More than five years after the release of the final Potter movie, fans’ passion for wizarding-related nosh also continues to inspire new eateries: this week has seen the

opening of a Boy Who Lived-themed pasta restaurant in Brooklyn, New York (the Dark Lord smoothie looks fairly quaffable), and a cafe in Singapore that serves up flaming “Goblet of Fire” cocktails.

But, if Potter-related food and drink tends to be reasonably tasteful – or at least digestible – other movie branding tie-ins sound about as appetising as the vomit-flavoured sweetie in a packet of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Here are some of the more disgusting menu items from around the globe.

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