Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: No, “The Great Wall” does not star Donald Trump it stars Matt Damon…”Fist Fight” stars Ice Cube. TV/Streaming: “Billions” returns — woo-hoo! — for a second season on Sunday….”New York City Ballet in Paris” airs Friday on PBS. Music: “Divide: Deluxe Version” is by the fantastically gifted Ed Sheeran. Books: “Lincoln in the Bardo” is the first novel by George Saunders…Paul Auster’s “4 3 2 1” is worth the slog. Sports: The NBA’s All-Star Game — the one they pulled from Charlotte after North Carolina passed that hideous bathroom law — takes place this weekend in New Orleans. Finally: Being back in wintry New York after some time in luscious Mexico is like going from a color movie to a black-and-white one.

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