Kyle’s Playlist: Clues For “Twin Peaks”

As the lead-up to the return of “Twin Peaks” continues, Kyle MacLachlan—aka Special Agent Dale Cooper—has shared a new “Coffeetime” playlist on Spotify. It features a range of classic rock artists—including David Bowie, Steely Dan, Neil Young, Van Morrison, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin—as well as a whole bunch of grunge (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.) There’s also Elliott Smith’s “Sweet Adeline,” and four Jethro Tull songs sequenced in a row. “I’ll admit it’s ‘60s/‘70s heavy,” MacLachlan writes, “I guess it’s true when they say you can never escape your past.” Could the playlist contain clues about the new season?

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