Pierce Brosnan In Strange New AMC Drama

AMC’s “The Son,” premiering on Saturday, has all the surface trappings of prestige drama: it’s based on a novel, it’s set in the past and it has facial hair that’s both rampant and indiscriminate – but its centrepiece is a fundamentally Pierce Brosnanny Pierce Brosnan role. Brosnan plays Eli McCullough, a classic white male antihero in a television climate that’s just got sick of white-male antiheroes. McCullough owns a cattle ranch. He’s a bit racist. He is the picture of untrammeled privilege in a world determined to upend itself. On paper, The Son must have looked like Pierce Brosnan’s chance to play Daniel Plainview. But that isn’t the case, because Pierce Brosnan is Pierce Brosnan, and at some point he has to open his mouth.

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