TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (pictured): Season finales are never good episodes of RHOA, but they can be a classy respite before the nutsiness of the multi-part reunion series where everyone looks like their entire gown might explode at the seams if they so much as flex their left boob. Last night’s finale was typical. Grade: B. Feud: It opened with John Waters as the B-movie director William Castle, presenting Joan Crawford in a silly promo appearance for “Straitjacket.” It ended with a rehearsal of the “Charlotte” movie in which Bette wreaks her revenge on Joan for the Oscar-night viciousness. Grade: C+. Girls: The episode stuck the four “friends” into a tiny bathroom and forcing them to confront that they just don’t get along. And Hannah’s moving. Maybe. Grade: A-.

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