“Better Call Saul” Returns: Hooray!

“Better Call Saul” is a show that likes to take its time, a conceit made possible by the fact that we already know where this story is going to end. Namely: a mall in Omaha (a city where I have family), where the formerly unstoppable Saul Goodman (née James McGill) is now living a life of nervous balding obscurity as Gene, Cinnabon manager. (No Cinnabon managers in my family there, although I wish there were so I could get a discount.) And as it has for the past two years, the “Better Call Saul” season opener kicked off with a bleak monochromatic reminder of how far the mighty will fall. But it soon reminded us why we’ve waited so eagerly for the program’s return: the actors, the unique storyline, the atmosphere.

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