TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

American Gods (pictured): This strange, supernatural tale, based on a Neil Gaiman novel, has finally arrived on the small screen. The basic premise is simple: When the people of the world moved to America, they brought their gods with them. Centuries later, these deities live and walk among us. Intriguing. Grade: A-. The Leftovers: This week’s third episode was titled “Crazy Whitefella Thinking,” but it could’ve also been called “The Book of Kevin Sr.,” because it went deep Down Under to show us how Kevin’s half-crazy dad has been spending his days since he and the voices in his head bolted Mapleton. Grade: B-. Billions: While the feud between Axe and Rhoades has been brewing all season long, “Golden Frog Time” is really the first episode this season that sees them directly affecting each other in a nasty way. Showdown! Grade: B+.

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