Glenda Jackson Returns To Broadway!

There should be dancing in the streets: Glenda Jackson is coming back to Broadway! I had hoped it would be as King Lear, which I saw last November in London. But no: Glenda has chosen Albee — “Three Tall Women.” Her costar will be Laurie Metcalf, who is about to win a Tony for “A Doll’s House Part 2.” Glenda hasn’t been on Broadway since “Macbeth,” in 1988, and, before that, in “Strange Interlude,” in 1984. I waited at the stage door for her to sign

my “Interlude” Playbill.

She was so late in emerging that every other fan had disappeared. But I was rewarded: she not only signed my bill but she took me home in her car! For a young person who had worshiped her in “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “Women in Love,” this was nirvana. I went backstage in November, after “Lear,” and reminded her that we’d once met. She had no memory of it, but made up for the forgetting when I asked her what she thought of Trump. “I don’t do the storm scene twice in one night,” she replied.

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