“Piss Christ” To Be Shown In Trump’s America

And in Ted Cruz’s Texas. The U.S. artist Andres Serrano is due to show some of his most controversial works, including Piss Christ (1987) and Black Supper (1990), in an exhibition opening this week at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston (3 June-8 October). The incendiary display also includes Serrano’s portrait of Donald Trump, which is part of the America photographic series (2002-04), and his Torture series (2015) which shows volunteers being

degraded and shackled. Piss Christ, a photograph of a crucifix plunged into a vat of urine, could prove potent against the backdrop of Trump’s America and his pledge to abolish the National Endowment for the Arts. (NEA). The image was at the centre of the so-called culture wars in the 1980s when conservative politicians and religious groups bitterly denounced the work after it was shown at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in 1989.

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