“Better Call Saul” Creator: “Worst Thing”

EW says: ‘Of all the schemes, cons, and sins committed by Jimmy McGill, the betrayal of Mrs. Landry just may reserve him a special place in hell — or at least purgatory. Down on his luck and barred from practicing law for a year, Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) has been desperately plotting ways to make a paycheck so he can keep funding his half of the office that he shares the only person who believes in him, Kim (Rhea Seehorn). A few weeks ago, we were treated to the beta version of Saul Goodman (who can make you, local businessperson, a TV star!). Last week, he threatened legal action against his community service officer so he could pocket $700 from a drug dealer. But in Monday’s episode of ‘Better Call Saul,’ the suspended attorney suspended his own morality by delving into the dark art

of deception, and he was damned good at it. But it came at a cost, especially for Irene Landry: He fouled one of the few things in his life that was relatively pure — his work in elder law.’

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